A fence can add multiple benefits to almost any type of property.  With the wide range of materials and building styles currently available in the market, homeowners can find the fence that best fits their tastes and their budget.  In order to pick the right piece for your home, you should consider answering these questions before you start on a fence-remodeling project.

What is the height of the fence?

Before embarking on your fence remodeling, you need to consider how high you wish the fence to reach.  This will determine the size of the material needed to complete the job.

Along those same lines, if you live in an area that is subject to a homeowner’s association, the fence height may be limited.  Check with the president of the association or consult your copy of the association’s rules first.

Are there pets or children living at your home?

If you have pets or children that need protection, this can be a factor in choosing the fence material.  A picket fence, which has large gaps, may not keep the pets enclosed safely.  A chain link fence may be perfect for pets but toddlers learn to climb easily and may find the metal too much of a temptation.

What kind of climate do you have?

Most parts of Texas suffer through some serious heat for more than 6 months of the year.  Other areas that are close to a river or lake may have a problem with moisture and the subsequent buildup of mildew.  Strong windstorms and tornadoes have been known to frequent certain areas.  All of these factors are important to consider.

Why do you have a fence?

This might be the most important question to consider.  If you simply need a barrier to keep small pets in your yard your need for a fence will be very different from someone that has 4 small children and an in ground pool.  Determine if you want an elegant structure that will define the lines of your property or if you are more in need of a quality addition to the yard to serve a functional purpose.

Types of Fences

Texan Fence offers all the popular types of fences that will meet all of your needs.  Our lineup includes the following:

  • Wooden fences – We provide these as either a picket fence or a split/post rail structure.  The most popular uses for these fences are to add to the appeal of the property as well as separating pastures or corals.
  • Wrought Iron – One of the easiest fences to maintain is a wrought iron structure.  These fences may cost initially a bit more than other types, but they last a long time with minimal maintenance.  These are great for offering security while adding an elegant look to the place.
  • Chain link – The majority of people who choose a chain link fence appreciate its functional ability at a lower price point.
  • Privacy fences – A privacy fence can be offered in either wood or vinyl.  The wood fence will need a bit of yearly maintenance in order to retain its beauty, but it is cheaper than vinyl.  Vinyl fences come in varying styles to match the homeowner’s taste and budget.

Before you tear down that old fence, contact Texan Fence & Construction.  We will go over the questions above with you and make sure you are getting the right product for your needs.