Types of Fencing

Fences can be offered in various materials and accompanying styles.  The most common materials are

  1. Chain link
  2. Vinyl
  3. Wood
  4. Metal
  5. Wrought Iron

The chain link and wrought iron fences provide security to the property while also allowing visibility both in and out of the yard.  The vinyl, wood and metal fences can create more privacy since they offer an extreme limit to visibility.


Advantages of Fences on Residential Properties


A home owner will usually name one or all of the following benefits for having a fence:

  • • Improved value of the home – As stated earlier, many people agree that having a fence is a good idea.  Whether the fences surrounds the entire perimeter of the property or merely covers a section, such as the back yard, it adds more value to the overall home value.
  • • Privacy – With new subdivisions placing homes closer and closer together it can be difficult to sit on the patio or deck and enjoy a quiet moment without the prying eyes of neighbors.  A privacy fence can aid in gardening, entertaining guests, performing daily exercise or simply enjoying a cup of coffee in peace and solitude.
  • • Security – The fence can add security in two ways.  One, it will discourage potential thieves from approaching the property.  Second, it adds an area where children can play safely under the watchful eyes of parents or guardians or other loved ones.

Fences as Part of the Landscape and Design
As craftsmanship and new materials have improved, fencing has become more than just a way to offer security for the yard.  A wooden fence can actually be designed to match the architectural features of the home.  Wood can be easily painted to match the house or complement a particular color.  Metal and vinyl fences are also offered in a broad range of colors and styles to meet almost every style and taste.  This allows a homeowner to customize their fence and make it as unique as their home.